Scrum is not only a set of practices. It is also based on a set of values.

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Commitment, Focus, Openness, Respect and Courage

Two ingredients are the salt and sugar for high-performance organizations.

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High-performance organization: the basic ingredients

Psychological safety in organizations is crucial. Amy Edmondson makes the case for it.

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About the author

Going the extra mile to make core concepts of Scrum more clear. A commented overview of the changes in the new Scrum Guide.

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Feedback on your products is valuable, but not always easy to get. Be bold but smart at the same time.

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The journey to asynchronous communication starts with improving your meeting culture.

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Would you build something no one needs if you know upfront?

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What is a Minimum Viable Product? An improvised beach bar on Mallorca can teach you a thing or two about this.

The way to the Beach. Photo taken on Mallorca.

The practice of adapting Scrum is not as bad as you think — but you need to make sure your modified approach works.

Elephants showing us their butts.
Elephants showing us their butts.
Elephants showing us their butts. Picture was taken in a zoo in Münster, Germany.

Who is right?

He tried to say „yes“ to everyone and failed but learnt an important lesson: every „no“ can make a „yes“ much stronger.

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Patrick Schönfeld

Trying to improve the chaos called work - one article at a time. Blogging on Medium and on my blog

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