I want to point out that there is another problem that developers often face. And it only partially has something to do with additional responsibilities.

That is the fact, that often very much emphasis is spent on what the developers need to change and do, but not nearly an equal amount on what the environment should.

As an example: one of the Scrum values is focus. It is reflected pretty much everywhere, including the events. The Scrum Guide even says that those meetings aim to „minimize the need for meetings not defined in Scrum“. Yet, this isn’t how it looks in reality. The companies out there are very creative in coming up with reasons for meetings that developers have to attend, before and after the introduction of Scrum.

But that’s not all.

Development is a task that requires several phases of consecutive times of interruption-free working. Yet, in reality there are often a lot of interruptions for developers. If developers say they don’t get enough time to code, it might be that what they are trying to say is: they don’t get to work free of interruptions.

Trying to improve the chaos called work - one article at a time. Blogging on Medium and on my blog chaosverbesserer.de.

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