It’s always sad to see that all Scrum critique follows similar patterns.

First, you see critique that does not even remotely fit the scrum framework but is an obvious and dramatic manifestation of a dysfunctionality you already have.

Second, you guys propose everyone else to accept the hard and inconvcenient truth about development (or any other part of a process), while totally dismissing that the rest of the organisation has a reality which bites them, too. For example the need to deliver and satisfy the customers.

Third, if asked for ideas, you people present basically a variant of Scrum that eases your pain (being accountable to hold deadlines, feeling supervised, not being allowed to decide things) while making things even worse for everything else.

Have you ever considered that it could be remotely helpful trying to walk in the shoes of someone else of your company?

Trying to improve the chaos called work - one article at a time. Blogging on Medium and on my blog

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