So You Crave For a High-Performance Organization?

Two ingredients are the salt and sugar for high-performance organizations.

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High-performance organization: the basic ingredients

Let me first tell you what will not get you there.

Psychological safety

Let me break it to you: if you present an idea and there is not at least one person challenging it, you are in trouble.

Fear invites wrong figures. Bearers of bad news fare badly. To keep his job, anyone may present to his boss only good news.

W. Edwards Deming, in The New Economics

For better or worse, you want to know if something you knew is no longer valid. Can an idea be improved for the better? You want to know. An idea that no one has brought up? You want to hear it, let others challenge it and ultimately find even better ideas. Is the well-being of your people at risk? In need to pivot for your company to survive? For sure, you want to know this.

High standards

That high standards set an organization apart seems self-explanatory. But do people really look at high standards holistically?

Relationship between low standards and high standards (Source: The fearless organization)
  • Individuals and interactions: do people have what they need? How good does collaboration across team borders work? Do Silos exist? Do people have easy access to trainings and alike?
  • Processes and Tools: do our processes and tools serve their users? Or do they prevent people from getting things done? Can we make processes leaner? When was the last time you evaluated if a process is still valuable?
  • Decision-making: where are decisions taken? Are people empowered to take decisions without jumping over mountain high, bureaucratic hurdles? What does it take to get work equipment or a training? Are people from the workforce invited to participate in decisions of a large impact?
  • Transparency: do people have the necessary information to take informed decisions? Does data exist to support decisions? Are people aware of procedures to implement feedback loops?

Final thoughts

Without any doubt it’s a fine line between the two ingredients.

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